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4 Main Aspects To Manage When Planning An Event Or Party

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Managing an event can be a great experience whether it is for your own party, or a corporate party, wedding or any other event. The job although tough can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. A good job will certainly be appreciated by the people involved in the event and their guests. This article has plotted down a few steps in which you can learn how to manage a party or event successfully.

Objectives of the event

One of the key steps is establishing what the purpose or objectives of the event is. This will give you the basic guidelines and direction for the theme of the party. However obvious the purpose might be, writing it down in paper will help you stay focused throughout the planning process. For example, a hens party Melbourne will require a planning set up of a completely different one to that of a fundraising event. The purpose will give way to plan out the rest of the aspects such as the venue, type of guests, budget or outcome.

Selection of the ideal date and time

It will be up to you to decide on the best date and time of the event as an event planner; however getting advice and suggestions from the host is vital to know which is most convenient to the host and guests. You would not want to pick a date that no one can attend to. It would be your job to send out the invitations or communicate to the invitees on the event. Letting them know at least two weeks prior to the date of the event is ideal.

Venue selection

After picking out the date and time, the next important step is to choose the venue of the event. This once again weighs in with the objectives of the event. Does it require a large space? Are the guests going to be seated in rows or standing? Or will you need to hire private function rooms Melbourne in a hotel to host the party due to the VIP guest list? It is always easy to have a few shortlisted venues and pay a visit to each one of those in order to physically gauge the scale and suitability of the venue to the event’s purpose.


By now, you should have an approximate figure of the main costs that will be incurred. Taking these in to account, it is important to plan out a budget with other likely expenses such as food, beverages and entertainment and so on and stick to the planned budget at all times during the planning of the event.