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Best Practices For Recruiting People In Digital Roles

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We are at the forefront of technology and recruitment processes for people suited for digital roles have also evolved with the times. Let us take a look at some of the best practices followed in the industry nowadays.

Creative jobs require creative people, period. However, one good tool that a recruiter will use is called a resume parser. By using a resume parser, the recruiter can extract the most important information about a potential candidate from thousands of digital resumes in his inbox. After parsing, further searches can be conducted using keywords to look into details, like education, work experience and skills. 

Design jobs are also much sought after because there’s no dearth of creative people on the face of the earth, however, a leading recruiter has to be careful when selecting one because of the enormous responsibility that comes with the job. Mass recruiting when done, is often a bane, and applicant tracking systems help to guide the prospective job hunters down the corridors of recruitment.Social media is also responsible for a sizeable portion of hiring, and is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to reach out to both active as well as passive candidates who are qualified for a particular designing position. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter lead the way here. A lot of recruiters of late have also started taking interest in Snap chat as well as Pinterest to hone in on potential candidates.Millennials have the run of the web today, and they leave no stone unturned in search of right employment that gives them comfort at work along with a decent pay package. To snare them, “employment branding “is used. It is basically a market where the number of jobs is more than the candidates vying for them. To make them stand out to prospective employees, a company must undertake some research on the target audience and what will hook them to their brand. These companies are quite sensitive to millennials and understand their needs to a T. Strong branding encourages curiosity as well as excitement, and draws prospective employees in throngs. A good advertising company is sure to have experienced people on board who can project the company as one for the future, and a great place to work in as well.Google analytics also plays a big hand in receiving feedback from applicants, and this in turn helps the company up the ante in polishing their employment branding. Both positive as well as negative comments come in handy.

Assessment tools online are of great help when you have ton of applicants for a position. If used optimally, it can greatly reduce the recruitment time, and offer relief from physical, time consuming interviews.