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How To Bring Your Fiance To A New Country?

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Working in a new country without your fiance is something that is really hard for you. You are married long years back and you are not staying with her because of coming to a new country, this is really daunting to get through. Some people may think to go alone and make sure about the living conditions of that country and then bring their fiance to that country. If that is the case with you, all you have to do is to get a visa for your partner. First of all, you have to get fiance visa. Do not think to get a permanent visa for your fiance right from the beginning. Rather, first bring your fiance with the assistance of the visa and then get the permanent visa for her. Sometimes, getting a permanent visa may not be needed if you’re working period will end within 2 years or three years. In such cases, it is enough getting the extended fiance visa. At times, you want to get the permanent visa for your partner as you are going to shift to the country lastingly. No matter, either you want permanent visa or temporary visa, but you have to discuss these things with the lawyer that can help you get fiance visas. Hiring a good fiance visa lawyer will get your visa at the right time.

Process of getting fiance visa

  • If you do not know how to get the partner visa and its procedures, you have to read the article further and completely.
  • First of all, you have to file the fiance visa petition with the country’s citizenship and migration services. You have to complete this petition on behalf your fiance. Along with the visa petition, you should submit the proof certificates of relationship with that person.
  • Once your petition is approved, then the government of that country will start checking whether or not there is any fiance visas available this year. A government of the country will not issue more number of visas just like that. Rather, a government has some restrictions to issuing fiance visas. If fiance visa is not available, you have to file the petition next year or you have to talk about this with your lawyer.


  • You have to carry the mandatory documents right from your medical certificate to birth certificate at the time of the visa interview. If you find caught by the embassy for not bringing any of the certificates, your visa process will be stopped.You should hire the skilled and professional for getting the migrant visa. For more information, please click here.immi-lawyer