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How To Hold A Wedding Reception Party In A Small House?

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It’s no secret that weddings are expensive affairs. From the dream dress to the location of your wedding, to even the door gifts; expenses only keep adding to your list. But if you do your research right, and go through a few workable tips and suggestions, you should be able to cut the expenses; including the wedding reception dinner. If you want to hold your reception party at home to try and reduce your expenses, then the below tips will be able to help you out.shade-structures

Be conscious about your guest list

Though having a wedding reception party at home can sound more intimate, it does come with a certain price and certain sacrifices. Having a smaller guest list is one such sacrifice that you’ll have to make. This not only makes having the party in your home more comfortable (giving your guests more room to move around and mingle before and after the meal), it also helps to deal with the chaos of organizing it.

Learn to make use of your garden and balcony areas

If the house you intend to host the party at has a garden a roof top (in apartments) or at the very least, a balcony, then count yourself lucky. Not only can these areas be used to create a festive ambience, but with the right preparations (like outdoor shade structures or canopies), you can even consider seating your guests outside. This is perfect for an outdoor themed wedding reception; especially if you’re planning on getting married during the summer.

Make serving the food informal

Without a doubt, weddings can be formal affairs. But when it comes to the reception dinner, you can loosen up a little; especially with the food and how you plan on serving it. Rather than a sit down meal, consider serving your meal buffet style. You can even use the above mentioned shade structures Brisbane and serve your food outdoors. This is particularly useful if you’re having a hard time cutting down the guest list.

Make use of every room; be very firm about no overnight guests

If there’s one big issue in regards to having a wedding reception at home, it’s that some of your guests will take it as an invitation to stay over for the night. As you will need every room and space available to you in your small home, this will prove to be an inconvenience. In order to avoid this, you will have to be very clear about this with all your guests; including some of your close friends and family members.