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Life After The Treatment Ends – Breast Cancer Survivors

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Maybe these women are right, maybe they do deserve to look better, and maybe they don’t deserve their fat. But then their friends will not deserve the fat either and then their friends will feel underserving and slowly every woman will begin to look more and more like a face from a magazine than the girl next door.

Breast cancer is one of the most lethal diseases known to man. Survivors often return to their normal lives while they may have to make some new choices.

A marathon of chemotherapy sessions and months of feeling ill, the last day of radiation may not mark the end of your treatment. You may be waiting to get back to normal but you will now have to embark on a new journey as a great cancer survivor. In a lot of way it may be your old life, but in a lot of ways it may not. 

Your body, you relationships, your routine, your spouse, your eating habits, it will all have been revolutionized when you work your way back to being normal. Will you feel less of a woman with the most important part of your womanhood missing? will you be able to live a normal life with your spouse? will you ever get out of the fear of a recurrence, these are some of the questions that would nag you time and again as you journey from being under breast cancer treatment to becoming a survivor. You watched the last drop of chemo drain into your blood almost six months ago. Now you notice your hair is growing back again, maybe it’s of a different texture or color, but it is hair, you finally have eye brows, but you still feel tired. Very very tired. You have been hit, and hit again, so many times, it is going to take a lot of time for your body to be back to normal again. All you do is sit and eat and much of nothing else. You have started to grow wider and bigger now. You need to get out and get some work done you tell yourself. You can get a chin liposuction Melbourne done later your brain tells you. Fatigue and tiredness is a very common side effect of breast cancer post treatment. Some of them take a couple of years to get to normal again.

Your relationships may have taken a serious hit. It has been a long time coming you have been sick and now you are back. Expectations are going to be on the rise. You may be expected to jump right in and take up all that you did before you encountered the dreadful disease. It may look over to others, it’s not over for you. Take some time to rest before you make your way back to normal again.

You might face body image issues with all that your body has been through. You might be left with one or no breasts at all. If you have the means you can opt for breast implants and fix this once and for all. It may help you on your way to recovery. Read this article to find out more reviews regarding breast implants.