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Ease Your Cooking Needs With NuWave Oven

NuWave Oven

                    NuWave Oven for faster cooking

NuWave is a handy counter top oven that uses the technology of conduction, convection and infrared. It reduces your cooking time since you do not need to preheat or defrost. It makes you cook faster and saves you time and energy! All you need is to place the food in to the oven. It automatically selects the power level HI. There is no need to select the power level unless you require cooking under low temperature. Set the start button and set the timer and you will get your food cooked within a while.

As said earlier, NuWave Oven uses Triple combo cooking. Through conduction, heat is directly applied to the food. Convection is achieved by a circulated hot air with the help of a fan. Through this process, the heat will be distributed evenly for faster cooking. With infrared technology, the radiant heat is allowed to flow inside the food.

Benefits of using NuWave Oven

  • It can lower down your cholesterol level as it is designed to reduce the oil and fats in foods.
  • It helps control obesity, reduces the blood sugar level and prevents cancer-causing agents like carcinogens.
  • It helps in healthier digestion.
  • Since you do not need to defrost, you can directly cook from the frozen food.
  • It features touch and go operation.
  • It is easy to clean and allows versatile cooking. It is possible for you to do broiling, baking, steaming, air flying and roasting.

    Triple combo cooking

                              NuWave Oven for cooking

  • The oven is lightweight and portable.
  • It provides cost efficiency and cooks evenly. Even the leftovers taste good.
  • No need to provide ventilation.
  • NuWave is an eco friendly product. It allows fast cooking and does not increase the heat inside the kitchen.
  • You can save energy by multilayer cooking. NuWave allows you to place foods on each layer.
  • It comes with patented heat rods that allow enhancement of the unique heating capacities of NuWave Oven.


  • The dome is manufactured of plastic. This increases the risks of damage as plastic is easy to break.
  • Heat resistant glass is also prone to damage since they break when exposed to high temperatures.


NuWave is priced depending on the type of offer. Different pricing is made based on the style and size you ought to buy. You can order NuWave by making three payments of $33.95 plus S&P charges.

How to buy?

Click here to purchase the NuWave oven. It comes with a 1 year top to bottom warranty! Place your order for NuWave to make scrumptious food at home with ease!

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