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How NuWave Infrared Oven Pro Will Revolutionise Your Kitchen?

Nuwave oven

   About the NuWave Infrared Oven

This article is a review of the newly launched NuWave Infrared Oven Pro. The NuWave oven is a revolutionary product. Using the product in the kitchen will change your cooking experience for the better. Those of you who have so far used only the conventional microwave will really feel the difference.

About the NuWave oven

So, what is great about the Nuwave infrared oven and how does it work better than the traditional microwave ovens? The key difference between the ordinary ovens and the NuWave oven is the technology used in the product.

The reason this oven is so revolutionary is the use of three different types of the heating technologies. The simultaneous use of the conduction, convection and the infrared technologies has really reduced the time taken for cooking.

Some of the benefits of using the NuWave oven

As already mentioned it significantly reduces the cooking time. The special design of the countertop oven makes it the right oven to use for all kinds of cooking purposes. You can do roasting, barbequing, baking, etc using the NuWave infrared oven.

The special control panel on the NuWave infrared oven is very useful to change the settings for different types of cooking. In addition, the NuWave infrared oven is very easy to clean. All the excess oil from the cooking will be collected in the bottom.

countertop infrared oven

The NuWave revolutionary technology

The NuWave infrared oven can be very easily disassembled and washed – except for the control panel part for obvious reasons. You can use the dishwasher to do the cleaning.

Another main advantage of the Nuwave infrared oven is the fact that the oven is eco-friendly. This oven will significantly reduces your energy bills and thereby your carbon footprint. Compared to the traditional microwave ovens, the NuWave infrared oven takes up very less power.

Any drawbacks to this revolutionary oven

There have been a few complaints about the plastic dome used in the Nuwave infrared oven. Some of the users have found that the dome becomes cloudy after sometime. Many would prefer a Pyrex glass dome to the plastic ones used in the NuWave infrared oven. However, I hope the reader would agree that there are benefits for using plastic instead of glass.

How to buy

The oven is now available for affordable rates with the option for the payment in instalments. You can purchase the same in three instalments of $39.95.

NuWave is now available for online purchase. Place your order here for the revolutionary countertop infrared oven.