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The cell phones have become ubiquitous in our lives. Many accidents these days are reported to have been caused by the drivers operating their cell phones right in the middle of their driving. It would be preferable if the drivers desist completely from using cell phones while they are behind the steering wheel. However, this may be a very practical solution. So, why not use the GripGo Car Phone Mounts to keep your hands free to drive the car.

The GripGo Hands-free car phone mounts

The GripGo car phone mounts are very easy-to-use simple devices that are designed to hold your phones. The product comes with a very useful suction cup that can be used to attach the car phone mount anywhere inside your car. The suction cup design enables you to remove it whenever you want.

The special polymer material used in the car phone mount will keep your mobile phone in place. You need not worry about the phone falling off from the mount during a sudden break or in the middle of a quick U-turn. The polymer surface acts like a suction grip attached to your phone.

Simply attach the device on to the dashboard surface or the windshield of your car. Place the phone on the GripGo surface that is green in colour and that is it. Now you can focus on your driving and keep your eyes on the road. When the phone rings, you can easily find it and detach it, if you want from the phone mount in a second.

The benefits of using this product

The GripGo car mounts can be very easily mounted and removed, leaving behind no residue as it uses a suction cup for holding on to the surface. Similarly, the polymer surface used in the phone mount also allows the user to place and remove the phone or a GPS from the mount without any visible residue on the device. The device is designed to be adjusted to any angle according to the convenience of the user.


  GripGo polymer surface phone mounts

Having the cell phone right in front of you on the dashboard or the windshield can be very distracting to some drivers.

How to buy?

The product can be easily purchased online. You may have this product for 14.95$. You may also avail free accessories with every purchase.

Try out the hands-free mount and enjoy its benefits. Place your orders right here.

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