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Purpose Of Drug Rehabilitation Centres

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Drug rehabilitation centres in melbourne are for the people who are dependent on drugs and they are losing themselves because of the addiction. The rehabs provide them with treatments and facilities which benefits their psychological needs.

What does drug rehabilitation centres offer?

There are certain programmes for the addicts for example residential treatment, local support groups, extended care centres, recovery houses. All the treatment plans are assessed to meet changing needs of the patient. Counselling and other behavioural therapies are the most important parts of the treatment as it motivates the patients to understand the effects of drug addiction in their lives.

Physiological Dependency

It is addressed in many drug rehabilitations centres. Mostly youngsters are a part of drug addiction due to peer pressure so they are encouraged not to fall for this and avoid such places and gatherings where addictive substance consumption is done. The treatments and therapies are a lifelong process and a lot of consistency and will power is required by an individual to get over with this addiction.

Behavioural therapy

There are different kinds of behavioural therapy for example cognitive-behavioural therapy which encourages the patient to cope up with situations they are most likely to relapse. Motivational interviewing which is designed to increase patient’s motivation. How long can a treatment be highly depending on the individual’s history of substance consumption and how much a person is dependent on it. Drug rehabilitation centres take everything in consideration before the treatment.


Counsellors helps individuals to tackle the problems they have due to their addiction. It can be done on an individual basis, but it’s mostly preferred to cater a group of few people with same problems. Drug rehabilitation centres highly focuses on counselling of the patient as it makes their mental health better.. There is a 12-step programme in mostly every drug rehabilitation centre which helps the patient to get over with the dangerous addiction they have.

Kinds of drug abusers

Drug rehabilitation centres deal with people consuming alcohol, opium, codeine, cocaine, caffeine, marijuana etc. Many drugs are known to abuse prescription drugs and many are hooked on cigarettes. Any kind of drug has a bad effect on health which is why drug rehabilitation centres are formed to help such people and aware the generation to not get into any sort of addiction. The obvious intent is to enable the patient to decrease their previous level of substance abuse.


The duration of recovery is not really known at drug rehabilitation centres. The recovery requires effort, time, will power, consistency and support. The treatment is an ongoing process which gradually motivates the patient on how they can change their life. It will help them remain sober and make them a healthier person.