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The Difference Between Solicitor And Barrister

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The term “lawyer” describes an individual who is qualified to give legal advice and practice. Lawyers are not only the people who wear the black cloak and fight for their clients. There are different kinds of lawyers such as solicitors and barristers who do not fight the case but they do other work such as gather evidence and paper work for their client. The difference between these two lawyers has been explained below.

Definition of solicitor and what does it do
A solicitor is qualified legal individual who can give advice to his/her clients. The clients vary from multinational companies to people. A solicitor would first hear the client’s story or the problem and give them advice on how to deal with it. Usually they tell them to take the case to the court proceedings but if it is a minor matter they might ask the client to go to a mediator. This is a third party who assists the party in conflict and tries to solve the matter out of court. There are different kinds of solicitors such as: family law solicitors Brisbane , criminal law solicitors so clients will go to the one who is most likely to solve their issue. They will usually handle the paper work of the case such and gather information on behalf of their clients like the evidence which would benefit the client. It is unusual for a solicitor to represent their clients in court. Most of the time they would ask the barrister to do or hire a specialist advocate.

Who is a barrister and what does he/she do
Barrister is an individual who gives legal advice to his/her clients and represents them in courts through written advice. Usually a solicitor would hire them to represent the clients. They too specialise in particular area for example if a solicitor cannot find proper estate lawyers Brisbane who could represent his/her client, then they would hire a barrister who is in the same field. The work of the barrister is usually to represent the clients, examine and cross examine witness and giving reasons to support their case instead that of opposite party. According to statistic around 80% of the barristers are self-employed. These barristers work in chambers after they have completed their education.Usually legal matters take a long time to solve the dispute. The case goes through several hearings before the final judgement. If the issue is something which can be solved out of court, then the solicitor would advice the client to do so. The ultimate decision will always be that of the clients. Also both solicitors and barristers are like to dig a hole in the pocket of the clients depending on how successful they are.criminal-lawyers