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Who Is A Paramedic

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A paramedic is a department which is designated as a separate unit form the rest of the hospital. The staff that works in this department is known as the paramedics. The duty of this unit is to deal with the emergency calls. These emergency calls are usually called by the patients out of the hospital when they are in a need of urgent medical help. The paramedics  department then send the team of paramedics in an ambulance to assist the patient.

The scope and qualification of the health and safety courses Perth vary. However, everyone who is in the ambulance is not a paramedic but this generic terminology is used to address the team of the emergency medical services. Paramedics who acquire extra paramedic qualification are also called the EMT. The role of the paramedic is very much important and vital because they need to stabilize the patient in the emergency situation and to get him to the hospital safely and quickly. The work environment for the paramedics can be very stressful. It requires complete focus and quick decisions. If paramedic do not make the right and quick decision about the patient in emergency, he may lose his life.

The paramedic department has work both in the hospital and out the hospital. Outside the hospital they act as a team which go in the ambulance to fetch the patient and stabilize the patient until they reach the hospital. Inside the hospital, if in case of some emergency the doctor is yet not available then this team assist the patient.

The basic duties of the paramedics involve their dealing with the 911 calls. The 911 calls for medical emergency assistance is handed over to this department and these deal with it by sending out the paramedic team immediately to the called address. When the Australian first aid certificate reaches the patient in the emergency their task is to analyze the current condition of the patient and then devise a quick treatment for him. The work of the paramedics requires them to act practically on the guidelines that they have received from their seniors and during the course of their qualification. In the ambulance, the purpose is to keep the patient still and safe. Since the patient is unconscious most of the time and is not able to brace himself therefore the paramedic make use of the backboards which help patient to stay put.