The Best Options For Every Horse Owner In A Horse Float

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angle load horse float

It is understandable why choosing can take weeks because there are so many alternatives and combinations available. The choice between a straight load float and an angle load float is one of the most important ones. Regency Floats will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Usually, preference and practicality will play a role in your decision regarding the caravan. This calls for you to be aware of the purpose of the caravan, the number of horses it will carry, and whether you want to buy additional equine. While a straight load trailer will often only accommodate 2 horses due to the traditional loading from the back facing forward, an angle load horse float provides for a more efficient trip when loading 3 horses due to its inclined stalls.

Horse Float with Angle Load

The angle load horse floats’ loading design enables them to carry more horses without expanding their overall width and length. Additionally, they provide you the choice of wheel positioning, so you can have a narrow trailer with wheel wells in the stalls or a broad trailer with uninterrupted stalls. The inclined stalls will enable horses to maintain their natural preference for an angled stance during the journey since it improves balance. Having said that, some trailers may be overly tilted, causing the horse to struggle to find their proper balance and posture. Angle load trailers do have certain drawbacks, albeit not many. The last horse will have to back out of many of them because there isn’t enough places to turn around because they have a little tack area in the back corner. Additionally, some caravan designs make it hard to discharge the second and final horse without first unloading the one that came before. This can be quite harmful in an emergency and may need to be considered while making your choice.

We have you covered

When feasible, regency floats employ goods that are produced or supplied by Australia. Our complete horse float manufactures in Australia for Australian steel mills as a means of assisting in the country’s economic stability. Your first service is free, and your new float is backed by a 10-year structural warranty! We are only a phone call away if you ever have any queries or worries about your caravan. Damian has never encountered a question he couldn’t answer because of his extensive understanding of all facets of designing, loading, and towing trailers. If you want to talk trailers, please do.

It’s all about the horses

The horse always comes first in any float or truck we make! We won’t construct anything that our own horses wouldn’t like. All of the horse float manufacturers in Australia are built with the utmost safety, sturdiness, and comfort in mind. The human comforts won’t have an effect on your horse’s security or happiness.